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Dentist Boston, MA - Leslie P. Racowsky, D.M.D.

We have been at 11 Commercial Wharf in Boston for more than thirty-nine years. We are convenient to public transportation and have parking available.

This general practice focuses on Comprehensive Dental Care: A sound diagnosis, based on a thorough examination, should in turn be the basis for a biologically optimal dental treatment plan direction. We feel that other issues such as time, money, fear, and location; while important, should be considered second after that sound biologically-oriented optimal treatment plan direction is established. Most of our patients are adults. Many of our patients are physicians, other dentists, dental technicians and auxiliaries, and their families.

We believe that healthy teeth in a healthy mouth are important in presenting you in your best light and greatest comfort and that good dentistry is esthetic. When you've been to the dentist, it is our belief, your mouth should look natural and clean and healthy. Whether you have experienced extensive treatment or just minimal care, your mouth should nevertheless look and benatural and clean and healthy.

If you have a dental problem which requires immediate attention: 

An emergency, pain, broken tooth, lost “filling;” like most dentists, even if we don't know you, we’ll always find time to see you immediately. 

Please call for an appointment.

Leslie P. Racowsky, D.M.D. 11 Commercial Wharf Boston, Massachusetts 02110 

(617) 742 9898